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Risk Management
The construction industry is risky by nature. At Tudawe Brothers, we understand this very well and manage risks accordingly. Our 70+ years of excellence stand testimony to this.

Our risk management policy includes the following areas:

  • Careful project selection based on our capacity and capability allows us to meet the expectations of our clientele and maintain trust and integrity.

  • Project risks are identified at early stages and are accounted for in our billing. Insurance is calculated for enforceable risk factors.

  • Project management and planning risks are identified early and mitigation plans devised.

  • All risks occurring across the supply chain are forecasted and counter measures developed. Any supply chain interruptions are addressed and alternative plans implemented.

  • Project managers ensure that all projects are properly monitored and managed, highlighting risks, taking precautions and implementing contingency plans if the predicted risks are encountered.

  • Daily and monthly reporting by on-site managers/co-coordinators enables us to monitor and immediately address any shortcomings.

  • Maximum usage is made of in-house technology and services. Back-to-back subcontracting/outsourcing of supplies and services is undertaken where it is essential to meet our targets.

  • Subcontractors are carefully selected to ensure the project maintains good health. Strategic outsourcing risks are identified and managed.

  • Tenders are priced such that positive cash flows are always maintained.

  • Given that our staff is the foundation of our success, all staff members at the Head Office and all constructions sites are under hospitalisation and surgical cover.