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Members Of The Group
In order to support and complement the work done by Tudawe Brothers Ltd., the Tudawe Group has six members, as follows:
Lawrence Tudawe Management Services (Pvt) Ltd

Lawrence Tudawe Management Services is an Investment Company with strategic investments in Tudawe Brothers (Pvt) Ltd. and Durdans Healthcare Group.
Tudawe Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd.

Tudawe Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd. provides services which include Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) services along with Aluminum fenestration systems, doors and windows, and partition fabrication.

Please contact Chethiya Ayeshan on +94 778 008 446   for more information.
Tudawe Homes (Pvt) Ltd.

Tudawe Homes (Pvt) Ltd. focuses on the construction of individual homes, catering to the semi luxury and luxury housing market segments.It has obtain C5 for building and C7 for Highways, Bridges, Water supply & sewerage, Irrigation & Drainage canals, Dredging & reclamation, Storm water disposal & land drainage works.

For further information, please contact Susantha Fernando on +94 777 318 621.  
Tudawe Trading Company Ltd.

Registered in March 1980, Tudawe Trading Company Limited provides support services related to electrical needs, air conditioning and fire protection. The company is also the sole distributor of the German K'a'rcher cleaning product range which offers cleaning agents ranging from domestic to heavy duty.

In 1985, Tudawe Trading Company began selling and servicing quality cleaning machines, accessories and cleaning agents (detergents) from Germany. Since then, due to its wide product range, reliability and durability, Karcher is now well positioned as a market leader for domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning machines in Sri Lanka.

Tudawe Trading Company Limited, has been the sole agent for Karcher cleaning equipment for the past 3 decades, commemorates its 30th anniversary with their principals in Germany Alfred Karcher GmbH & Co. KG who are also celebrating their 80th anniversary. For further details, visit
Universal Interiors (Pvt) Ltd.

For over 20 years, Universal Interiors (Pvt) Ltd. has specialised in designing, manufacturing and installing high quality residential and corporate furniture. Designs range from classic to contemporary and all products and materials used are carefully selected. The company also supplies and installs architectural aluminum systems for buildings.

For further information, please contact Chethiya Ayeshan on   +94 778 008 446.  
Commercial Marketing & Distributors (Pvt) Ltd.

Commercial Marketing & Distributors (Pvt) Ltd. markets and distributes heavy duty construction machinery and equipment, as well as medical related products and equipment. For further details,

Please contact Prasad Moraes on +94 777 698 225.  .