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Building and Civil Engineering

We provide electrical installations to illuminate residencies, high rise apartments, office complexes, garment factories, hospitals, hotels and commercial buildings such as warehouses and factories.

We provide:

• Installation of lighting and small power systems.
• Lightning protection installations with earthing systems.
• Data networking system and access control systems.
• Installation of P.A.B.X systems for telephony.
• CCTV and MATV systems.
• Generator installations.
• Installation of power factor correction equipment.
• Car parking systems.
• Gondola installation
• H.T. panels and transformer installation

Having analyzed the feedback received from our clients on the performance of the building services provided in the projects completed by us, we realized our inability to offer the best services to them playing the role of a constructor, even though we had the expertise and a wealth of experience.

This prompted us to develop our own design teams for building services.
Following the initiative taken in 1990, majority of all building projects awarded subsequently were designed and constructed according to our water supply and drainage designs.

Even when the engineers issue the design details, our team reviews the design and makes suitable modifications where necessary, with the concurrence of the engineer, in order to offer the most appropriate, practical and efficient systems to the clients.

With over two decades of this exposure, our clients can be assured of performance beyond expectations in the Water Supply and Drainage systems designed and constructed by us.

We have the capacity and capability to design and construct all types of Water Supply and Drainage Systems irrespective of the size or nature of the building, including hot and cold water supply, Hydro pneumatic distribution systems as well as effluent and sewerage treatment plants.

Designing, developing shop drawings, constructing, producing "As Built Drawings" and training the personnel in operating the related systems,could all be handled by our Building Services Division.