Building Construction
We offer end-to-end solutions for clients seeking construction of the following types of buildings:
  • Construction of Residential Buildings

      The demand for luxurious urban lifestyles has increased as more and more individuals have adapted to the living standards of developed countries while on employment stints abroad. A trusted name in apartment construction, Tudawe Brothers caters to the needs of Sri Lankans domiciled abroad.

      Our wide-ranging capabilities are reflected across this portfolio, from basic design and construction to comprehensive solutions for plumbing, drainage, electrical works, telephone systems, service lifts, MATV systems, fire fighting systems and external works.
      We also provide technical advice and services well beyond the contractual period. Since 1990, Tudawe Brothers has established an impressive track record in apartment construction, having built the largest number of apartments in Colombo.

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  • Construction of Healthcare Buildings

      Integral for the preservation of human life, hospitals have today evolved from their beginnings of providing only basic necessities to become complex institutions accommodating sophisticated medical equipment.
      Increasing focus has also been placed on the need to provide a pleasant environment that promotes healing, both within the hospital and with attractively landscaped gardens.
      Tudawe Brothers has contributed its strength to the construction of hospital buildings both in the government and private sectors.

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  • Construction of Industrial Buildings

      Factories for the manufacture of a wide range of consumer items, from food and beverages to soap and clothing, have been built by Tudawe Brothers in and beyond the suburbs of Colombo.
      The projects we have completed reflect the technological updates that have occurred in factory construction over the years. What started out as simple brick buildings have now become complex time saving structures.

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  • Construction of Commercial Buildings

      Tudawe Brothers has provided several of the largest companies and conglomerates in the country with professionally designed Head Office buildings.
      We also have an impressive track record in the development of top quality shopping malls which provide the urban family with an environment of comfort and convenience for a leisurely shopping experience.
      Irrespective of the nature of the project, we strive to understand the business objectives and requirements of our clients and to deliver premises that enhance their operations.

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  • Construction of Leisure Buildings

      With the boom in tourism in Sri Lanka, Tudawe Brothers is supporting the increased demand for hotels and resorts across the country.

  • Construction of Educational and Religoius Buildings

      Tudawe Brothers strives to play its part in enhancing the nation's landscape by building institutions that keep pace with global advancement.
      We continue to uphold standards by improving the quality of educational facilities.
      We also take pride in the confidence diverse religious and cultural communities have placed in our services, from the establishment of Christian churches to Borah mosques to specialised homes for the aged.

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